Love Story Moments: Lily & Charles


As wedding planners, we are always thrilled when couples choose us to create their special day. We become so involved with one of the most important days in a couple's life, and in the blink of an eye, they are saying "I do." This intimate planning process allows us to really get to know people, and we cherish every moment they want to share with us along their wedding journey. In the end we always hope to call them good friends!


In the spirit of embracing these moments, we wanted to share the love story and some beautiful engagement photos of our couple Lily & Charles.

With Lily and Charles, their love can withstand thousands of miles. These two met during a summer internship in Hong Kong and became good friends through the creation of a "lunch club." With a little persistence, spontaneity, and only two weeks left together, Charles finally had the opportunity to ask Lily out before she would return to the United States. 

Their first date, and most cherished memory together, was straight out of a movie. Charles and Lily stayed up all night chatting at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Just before the break of dawn, Charles took Lily to a special isolated spot on the Peak that had a breathtaking panoramic view of the island, where they watched the sun emerge from the horizon and the city gradually come to life.  Not long after, they made their way to the southern beaches of Hong Kong and enjoyed a relaxing brunch at a seaside restaurant. 

When I asked Charles when he knew Lily was the one, he responded, "I mean... why else would I throw myself into a 8135-mile long-distance relationship 2 weeks before we separated?" Since then it has been nine long and happy years. Lily can't wait to finally move in together and have her best friend to come home to everyday!

We can't wait to make their special day come to life! 

XO Bustle 

Photos by: Vicki Grafton Photography