Destination Wedding Planning

Photo:  Don y Helen

Destination weddings can be a fun experience for yourselves and your guests. Having all your favorite people on vacation with you makes for an epic time. We love planning destination weddings and know that they can be overwhelming. We have a few key bits of advise.

  1. Keep your guest list smaller. We know you have a ton of guest you could invite, but try keeping your list smaller. When you limit the guest list it makes for a more intimate wedding and gives you time to spend with more of the guests who attend.

  2. Get a planner. Not only to help carry the burden, but also to help you think about things that if you are planning your first wedding you would not think of. A planner who does destination weddings can keep you aware of things you have not thought of.

  3. Take time to actually enjoy the entire weekend. Carve out time to take it all in and once you arrive make sure you are in the moment.

  4. Plan some fun things for your guests to do as a group, but also allow down time for them to enjoy and explore the destination you chose.