It seemed like a long time coming, but it is finally here! Winter has arrived and we couldn't be more excited. There is something so comforting about the fall season that makes you want to warm up next to the fire with your sweetie and drink hot apple cider. 

That is exactly what we had in mind for the upcoming season. We wanted to share some of our favorite ways to keep warm and cozy at a beautifully brisk wedding. Hope these fun ideas get you feeling warm and fuzzy!

roasting marshmallows and sparklers  

As we all can imagine what better way to stay toasty than a nice crackling fire, with smores to boot! For your marshmallow roasting tools, take a little wander through the woods and forage for some quality mallow roasting sticks. Since we're all about the details, don't forget to wrap some string around the bottom to act as an accented cohesive handle and a nice pop of color. 

DIY marshmallow sticks for the wedding reception/bonfire. The colours could be customized for any pallet.:   

Always have to have some cozy blankets and pillows to keep guests warm; which is also a great opportunity to add some fun patterns and textures to the wedding design.
Check out the fun DIY for hand warmers too, such a cute little detail that guest will definitely appreciate.

regardsetmaisons: Inspiration week-end:

Fabrics from | X Homestyle Magazine - Moroccan Backyard Firepit:
Make these adorable hand warmers!:

Last but not least, creating a signature cocktail is always a fun way to express the bride and groom's personalities, but try cranking up the heat with some signature hot toddies using seasonal flavors instead.

Hot Buttered Fig + Rosemary Bourbon Cider recipe by Beth Kirby | west elm: