What clients are saying... 

Erin is AWESOME!! Erin Taylor and the team from Bustle Events helped plan our wedding at Calistoga Ranch in October. I honestly cannot say enough nice things about Erin. Erin is a great listener, paid attention to detail, was responsive if I had questions or concerns, provided great style and design input and is fun to work with. Erin was also a big help in directing me towards the great vendors we worked with. I live in Southern California and Erin was crucial in helping me find a great DJ, florist and photographer in the Bay Area. Come the day of our wedding, Erin, Marina and Kelsey made everything run smoothly. Team Bustle was organized, efficient and handled all the vendors. They were also diligent to stick to a timeline so that I could sit back and enjoy our special day with our family and friends and not stress. The vision my husband and I had for our wedding was executed perfectly. Erin and her team nailed EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Several of our guests commented on how unique and beautiful our wedding was... thanks to Erin and her team! If you want a wedding coordinator who has great taste, is reliable, easy to work with and one of the sweetest people... choose Erin. Bustle Events will not disappoint and let’s be real... the weddings they design and plan are AMAZING. Thank you Erin and Team Bustle for making our day incredible! XOXO
— Stephanie

Marina was our guardian wedding angel, we have no idea what we would have done without her! We were married in Palm Springs CA at the Ace Hotel and while the hotel is so cool, she brought it to a whole other level.
In the beginning of wedding planning John & I were unsure if we needed a wedding planner/coordinator. I decided to do some research and when I contacted Bustle Marina asked if I was available to have a call, she was the only planner to do this and not respond with a generic email. When we talked I felt like it was two girlfriends just chatting and she made me super excited about our wedding. I knew after the call we needed her, when John saw my excitement he immediately agreed.
She was there for us every step of the way, I am a very visual person and had a hard time seeing it all come together but I trusted her and she made the wedding of our dreams come true and beyond. She was super quick to answer our calls/texts/emails and always left me feeling calm & excited. All of our family and friends complimented us on her work and how well she handled and coordinated everything. We have told everyone that she was the best decision we made for our wedding.
Thank you Marina for creating the most magical day of our lives, you are the best! We highly recommend her & Team Bustle!
— Whitney + John

The thought of  planning a wedding elicits both excitement and dread in most people. The anticipation of a special day, where two people in love will join as a couple for the rest of their life, can create a mixture of joy and anxiety because it can all be...just so very much. My daughter, a manager by profession, hired Erin shortly after the wedding date was chosen. It was, without question, the best decision she could have made. Erin took charge of all details wedding from the moment she was hired and she did not stop until...well, she is still taking care of us and it is five days after the ceremony!!  Erin’s sweet disposition, professional manner and willingness to listen to the needs of her client made her consistently approachable, available and efficient. On my daughter’s wedding day, Erin was present and in action the entire day...and with a smile on her face.  She did what was necessary to make the venue perfect and then she did what was necessary to make the ceremony run flawlessly. It was a perfect day. For that we are so very grateful to Erin.
— Betsy, mother of the bride

My wife and I used Erin and her team for our wedding in March at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.  We’re LA-based and Erin is in San Fran, but it wasn’t an issue as she flew to LA multiple times, once for our walk through at the hotel and another time to meet with our florist and go over details as the wedding drew close.  Besides that, we were in constant communication with her on the phone, over email, etc.  The first thing I’d say about Erin is that she has great taste.  She knows how to design.  That was very important to us.  We spoke with a lot of coordinators and we felt like she really understood the look and feel that we were going for with our desert wedding.  Secondly, Erin is extremely patient.  We were very hands on, oftentimes obnoxiously so.  But no matter how annoying we got, she always stayed calm and kept a level head.  And when we disagreed with her, she knew when to push back and when to move on.  She’s just a joy to work with, a really sweet person who wants to do a great job.  And she works extremely well with other vendors and is very responsive.  Not to mention, she has a great team.  Highly recommend.
— Sam, groom

Erin Taylor, the owner of Bustle Events, and I quickly became friends when I initially was thinking about my wedding. She put me right at ease with the whole process and allowed me to focus on the important aspects of getting married - like enjoying each and every moment! I had looked around at many planners and wanted one that had a fresh, creative look to weddings. I told Erin and her team my vision and Erin put me in touch with the best vendors who really were a dream team. Throughout all the planning, Erin planned things exactly how I wanted them to look. The team even created certain components from scratch that were beautifully executed and made the reception look completely stunning. And the end result really was fresh and creative.  Best of all - it was exactly what I wanted and was my perfect night.Erin and team organized the day-of event and did it flawlessly. Plus, they weren’t overly pushy and had a positive attitude throughout the day.I couldn’t have asked for more. The Bustle team is awesome!!!
— Nicole

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much I enjoyed working with Erin and Team Bustle, but I am going to try. I am not one of those girls who grew up dreaming about her wedding, but that didn’t matter - Erin was able to take what little vision I had and brought it to life times a million. She was professional, organized and amazingly creative. Erin handled every detail down to the custom stir sticks in our welcome drinks and leather place cards at each guest’s seat. It was the most magical day of my life and even my husband was blown away by the event . I think the thing that Erin is able to do so effortlessly is to take a small vision or suggestion and turn it into a beautiful, stylish and breath taking event. Additionally I feel like I am leaving the experience with an amazing friend. Erin is one of a kind.
— Valerie

I first found Erin, through a wedding she did at the Parker Palm springs.
I interviewed her and 3 other event planners. Since I am in LA and my wedding was to be at the Parker in Palm Springs, I thought I should go with someone local, but after speaking with Erin and 3 other local companies, it was obvious Erin was the one. She completely understood what kind of wedding we wanted (even though I barely even understood what I wanted), on top of being so sweet, professional, and easy to talk to. Over the year to follow I learned how incredibly creative and hard working she is, paying so much attention to detail. She made sure everything fit our vision, yet was tasteful and well put together, knowing when to interject her ideas and opinions (which I loved). She involved me (and my mom) in the entire process, yet I could have comfortably handed it all over to her too had I wanted to. I can’t even imagine how many hours she spent hand-crafting all of our place cards out of these cool geometric plastic shapes. They were such a hit and something never been done before (they were so professional and modern too, not crafty looking). She also hand made a bunch of large paper gems for our dance-floor ceiling installation. Everything she does is inventive and new, yet cool, professional, and tasteful. Other than that, Erin took care of EVERYTING so that I didn’t have to: vendor coordination, event design, mailing invitations, etc. She even offered to accept and keep record of our RSVP’s, but we wanted to do that part. Weddings inevitably come with some stresses and Erin did everything she could to take them off of our shoulders. She contacted all of our guests, who did not RSVP, to see if they were attending (taking the pressure and awkwardness off my husband and I). No matter the situation, Erin handled it. Anytime I had a question, idea, or concern, I could just call her up, (she always answered) and handled whatever I had to say with professionalism and an upbeat attitude. She really doesn’t skip a beat, and when the wedding got closer it was comforting to know I could hand everything off to her, and just enjoy the fact that I was getting married. I didn’t want to make any more decisions that last month, and felt so confident that the little that was left to do, I could leave up to Erin. Our wedding was a whole weekend in Palm Springs. Erin flew out multiple times, for a venue walk-through, and meetings with the florist, hotel, and rental companies. The weekend of our wedding, Erin and her assistants, delivered all of our welcome bags to our guests, who were staying at a bunch of random different hotels. She took care of everything from the timeline, to setting up every design detail, to making sure all our vendors, hairdressers, makeup artists, and all, knew where to be and when, and that our guests did too. Erin did a good job of keeping some surprises from me as well. She personally created and surprised us with a dance-floor decal, that was SO US! We loved it. She also had been coordinating a surprise with my then-fiancé, which was executed so seamlessly and he felt comfortable calling Erin with any questions or ideas he had too. No matter what your vision is, Erin can really make it happen. She has incredible taste, and has a way of making your own vision come to life flawlessly, beautifully, and creatively. She knows how a wedding should run, what’s appropriate and what is not, how to make sure your guests are comfortable and how to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. She has amazing ideas and will also run with your own ideas as well, so that your event that is not only gorgeous, but personal too. My mom and I planned this wedding together, and Erin had no problem answering to, and going back and forth between the two of us. I know it can be confusing and cumbersome to deal with 2 women with 2 different brains, but Erin had no issue with it. My mom and I miss working with Erin a lot and feel like we became friends with her throughout the whole process, because that’s just the kind of person Erin is. She has a very approachable and understanding personality, and just gets along with people, vendors and all! I can’t imagine having a better wedding planning experience than I did with Erin (or a better wedding for that matter). Worth every penny. Erin, I miss you!!
— Karli